Fit Kids allows children to participate in a variety of fun choreographed movements while learning about the beneficial effects exercise has on the different body systems such as cardiovascular, respiratory, muscular and skeletal.  The nutrition/education  piece involves an instructional dialogue followed by a group assigned task related to healthy eating.

My Friend Food educates kids on current topics related to the importance of healthy eating.  Children get a realistic look at what food options are most beneficial to their growth and development.  Kids also get the chance to create and demonstrate a variety of simple movements in a fun and engaging environment.

Kids Eat and Run provides kids with specific knowledge based on the three main macronutrients; carbohydrates, protein and fats.  Children will engage in question and answer sessions to put into practice what they’ve learned.  Students will examine the many vitamins and minerals contained in certain foods identified within the four main food groups.

Kinetic Lunchbox  relates to energy and motion of the body.  Kids will participate in designing their own nutritious lunchboxes as part of a team exercise.  Kids will learn about the variety of healthy foods that can be used to fill a lunchbox, and the many benefits these foods have in nourishing their minds and bodies throughout the school day.  An introduction to reading and understanding nutrition labels will also be presented.

Eat.Move.Play  was created to teach children about the simplicity of leading a healthy and active lifestyle.  With the help and guidance of the instructor, children work together in teams and come up with a five day plan of various types of physical activities that can be done by everyone, what kinds of foods and drinks can be replaced by healthy snack options and why.  Children are also encouraged to record and monitor their screen time per day and suggest alternative options geared towards reducing this.

NutriSoil offers children an in-depth look at Nutrition and it’s role on the environment.  Kids will investigate the importance of the health of soil and understand how it influences our planet’s ecosystems. From the farm to our tables, discussion topics include how some foods are processed, and the harmful effects this may have on our bodies.  A more in-depth analysis on details surrounding nutrition labels will also be discussed.

Interactive Programs

Our workshops are designed to be extremely interactive, exciting and fun for all age groups. By working with educators, we have developed programs that make learning about food and fitness an extremely stimulating event.

It’s hands-on for all kids as we teach them the impact food and fitness can have on their lives today and every day. Participation is always rewarded at the end of each session. Our programs focus on the involvement and enjoyment of the children, and they have the benefit of being with their friends and part of a team.

Let the Fun begin!

The only absolute in our programs is fun.   We are mindful that children feel inspired more if presented with open-ended learning.  While having fun and collaborating with their peers, for example, our Kinetic Lunchbox workshop educates them about the endless possibilities of healthy snacks, and the nutritious benefits these snacks have on their health.  There’s never a dull moment as kids feel like they are just having fun!

From Kindergarten to Grade 8, all our workshops are conveniently designed to fit nicely into a class period, i.e., 45 minutes – 1 hour. They can be customized to suit your school’s and students’ needs. All sessions include a variety of interactive games and team building exercises based on a solid foundation of nutritional knowledge and theories, along with current trends. We work closely with teachers/health educators, or any faculty member wanting to integrate nutrition/fitness education into their lesson plans.


$295 (plus 13% HST)
$100 per workshop due upon booking, Balance due upon completion of workshop(s)