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Children develop their relationship with food from parents, caregivers, as well as their peers. Schools are an ideal setting for promoting healthy eating among children, as children acquire their eating habits and attitude about food at a very young age.

Teaching kids about proper nutrition provides an important part of the foundation needed to support academic success. There are clear correlations between healthy eating and academic performance. Providing children with the knowledge of what it means to eat a healthy and nutritious diet, will strengthen their relationship with food and have a positive effect on their eating habits.

Our workshops teach kids about nutrition and the importance of regular physical activity in a fun and interactive way. We educate about respecting their bodies’ individual requirements. Educating kids about the vast variety of foods that contain essential nutrients and vitamins and how it relates to their well-being will go a long way in assisting them in making better food choices.

The efficacy of nutrition and fitness based educational programs provided at schools play a critical role in a child’s life and has a huge impact on their potential for learning.

In order to optimize a child’s learning potential, children need foods that are rich in nutrients. More importantly, children’s brains and bodies are continuously developing and getting enough nourishment from the right foods is essential for their growth and development.

Kids need sufficient healthy fats in their diet to help their brain and nervous system develop normally. Without educational programs geared towards healthy nutrition, many kids are unaware of what a wholesome diet consists of, and its direct benefits.

Children who eat healthy and move more, learn better.

When it comes to educating children about healthy eating practices and the importance of staying active, it’s all about balance. Providing kids with ideas and guidelines associated with making healthy eating choices, will significantly reduce their risk of diseases such as Type 2 diabetes and childhood obesity.

Educating kids about the importance of healthy eating and regular physical activity will support their academic performance and contribute to an overall healthy lifestyle.

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