About Us

At funfoodfitness, we are dedicated to educating children about the importance of eating well, and including all types of physical activities in their everyday lives. We work closely with schools to provide interactive, enjoyable educational programs related to nutrition and fitness.

Our goal is to help kids from kindergarten and up, develop and maintain a healthy, strong and long lasting relationship with food and fitness. This is achieved through participation and movement – our two main focal points.


Our mission is to promote health and wellness to all kids.

Achieving and maintaining good health for life is what we strive to instill in each child. We are committed to providing quality programs that are fun, interactive, engaging and age appropriate.

We believe that educating children about the importance of proper nutrition and an active lifestyle will foster a lifetime of great health.

The Time is Now

We believe that nutrition and fitness education are more than a ‘nice to have’- they are a ‘must have’. Our children’s physical and mental well-being should be our top priority. Of all the ways we can invest in their lives these are the most essential. Proper knowledge about nutrition and fitness-and their interconnectivity-can mitigate many of the struggles children face and consequently improve their academic performance, social interactions, emotional stability and overall health and vitality. We want children to learn the importance of making healthy food and activity choices, enabling them to develop and maintain consistent, positive life-style habits.

Why the school environment is best for educating kids on nutrition and physical activity

  • Proper nutrition and active lifestyle habits in early childhood can affect academic performance throughout a child’s life.
  • School aged children are still developing their eating habits, so it’s a great opportunity to guide them along the right path.
  • Children love sharing information with their friends and families, so they in turn will learn about healthy eating and health opportunities.

Our school-based nutrition and movement instruction makes a long lasting and positive impression on children, which carries over into adult life.

The Ontario Curriculum – Health and Physical Education Grades 1-8- 2015 Revised

Food made Fun

Nutrition education provides children with the knowledge and drive to make better food choices

Without the necessary nutrients, children can find learning challenging because their brains are not getting the right energy from the right sources. Knowing about the critical role healthy nutrition plays in their development, we give children the tools they need to decide what a healthy lunch box consists of, which in turn means they can participate in suggesting food ideas to their parents.

A good relationship with food starts now! With the best of intentions, it’s in our nature to encourage kids to eat. We praise children for finishing everything on their plate, and express disappointment when food is left. Some parents go as far as demanding that their children eat everything off their plate, even when the child says they are full. Ironically, this simply helps kids develop a poor relationship with food, that can often continue into adulthood.

Our programs are designed to teach kids about the importance of healthy eating and provide children with the tools to effectively communicate about their feelings towards food, and educate them about the importance of ‘listening to their bodies’. Through demonstrations, illustrations and participation, we provide simple and interesting examples of healthy eating that kids will enjoy.

Fitness through Fun

All forms of physical activity are good.  Keeping children engaged and recognizing their physical abilities is key.  Not every child enjoys all forms of physical activity and movement, but by introducing and encouraging each child to explore and participate in a variety of different active experiences, will help create many positive opportunities.   Kids will enjoy success in their own individual way, as we assist them in believing in their own abilities, qualities and competence.  Our programs are designed to build self-confidence and self-esteem.

There are many benefits associated with physical activity including:

  • Increased energy levels
  • Enhanced attention and focus throughout the day
  • Improved emotional behavior
  • Improved social skills
  • Reduced risk of common illnesses

At funfoodfitness, we believe that children who participate in a variety of physical activities at a younger age are more likely to stay active as adults.  Our programs are designed to get kids out of their seats, move, build new skills and work together as a team.  These activities have a positive impact on each child physically, mentally and emotionally.